Wednesday, 30. November 2011

As part of my recent endeavours in the field of journalism, I recently started organizing a series of meetups between journalists and hackers (in the 'enthusiastic technologists' sense) christened Inspired by the hacks/hackers model (rather than their name, because I realy don't expect anyone here to get the pun), we aim to bring together the groups most able to influence the future of media.


The kick-off event happened in early November at the Hub Vienna (which I am now a member of) and drew about 40 participants from both sides of the aisle. We mostly let conversation flow, asking everyone to introduce themselves, state where they come from and what they would like to see in such a event series.

The Open Mic is a major part of our concept: any participant can show or talk about whatever they're working on for five minutes to inspire more dialogue after the event ends. Some very interesting conversations were had on the topics presented and Christopher and my project Luminous Flux also got great feedback during a long & interesting discussion.

All in all I consider this a great success and have already started planning the next event. It will have a Data Journalism focus and is scheduled for January 12.

Very exciting!

The first two photos in this post were taken by Mactux, thanks!