pygitblog: A git-backed blogging system, with the odd bell and whistle Friday, 22. October 2010

I've been joking for a while that every programmer has written at least one content management system in their life.

Well, last week I suddenly had the desire to write my second.

(I'm not talking about my first one. Ever.)

What I now use to drive this thing here is called pygitblog, and its source is available on github.

"Why another blogging system?", you might ask. And you're right to, as I'm not known to have too much spare time at my hands.

What I was looking for was a system that

Sadly, most systems I investigated seemed to lack at least one of these features each, and since I wasn't too keen to hack some ruby code, I decided to roll my own. My time-estimation of two half-days of work was pretty much correct.

Now bear with me as I — an old textile-lover — get accustomed to markdown and polish the still-raw CSS.

A blog at my fingertips. Home again.